PASMA: What you should do if your card is due to expire soon.

PASMA: What you should do if your card is due to expire soon.

We can extend your current PASMA card for up to 90 days to help you during the Coronavirus pandemic.

All you need to do is book a place on one of our future PASMA training courses and complete the online theory section in advance. This section consists of several videos that can be watched at home.

When you have successfully completed the Theory section, we will extend your card until the date you plan to complete the course.

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, classroom-based training has been postponed which means that you must wait until it can safely restart before you complete the course. At the current time we are allowing up to 90 days for this to happen, but we will extend this period and extend your card accordingly if necessary.

The rest of the course will take place at one of our PASMA training centres. It will consist of a written assessment and a practical session using towers. As you will have already started the course by completing the online Theory section, you will only need half a day to finish the course at the current time.

When you attend the training centre, simply show the certificate we will present to you to prove that you have completed the Theory section. The certificate can either be printed beforehand or shown on your mobile phone.

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