Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

We are supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 takes place from Monday 13 to Sunday 19 May 2019. The theme for 2019 is Body Image – how we think and feel about our bodies.

Mental Health Awareness Week is the UK’s national week to raise awareness of mental health and mental health problems and inspire action to promote the message of good mental health for all.

Mental Health Awareness Week has been run by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) since 2001.

How can I get involved in Mental Health Awareness Week?

During Mental Health Awareness Week, hundreds of events take place around the country to raise awareness for mental health. Schools, businesses, community groups and even people in their own homes host events to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation.

What resources are available?

If you're running an event or even if you just want to raise awareness, maybe via your website or social media, wthere are Mental Health Awareness Week resources that are free to download.

There are also a number of informative publications: among the titles are 'How to look after your mental health' and 'How to manage and reduce stress'.

All proceeds go towards MHF's goal of creating a world with good mental health for all.

How can I fundraise during Mental Health Awareness Week?

The Mental Health Foundation is a charity that relies on public donations and grant funding to deliver and campaign for good mental health for all. Their main fundraising initiative for Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 is 'Curry & Chaat'. The aim of Curry & Chaat is simple: get together with friends, enjoy a delicious curry and raise money for the Mental Health Foundation and our vision of a world with good mental health for all and for a less stressed nation.



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Below are two useful guides from MHFA England to help reduce stress:

Self Care

Weekly Wellbeing Check-Up

C&G offer a Mental Health First Aid course as well as other first aid courses. For more information click here.

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