CSCS to end postal applications for cards

CSCS to end postal applications for cards

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) has announced it is to end its system of postal applications for its cards.

At the end of this month, postal application forms will be removed from the CSCS website and from 30 June the scheme will stop processing applications received through the post. Any applications received after 30 June will be returned, with applicants being directed to make telephone applications instead.

CSCS director of operations Gordon Jenkins said postal applications are “complex, time-consuming and inefficient”. “Removing the postal applications takes away much of the complexity surrounding the paper-based system and it will speed up the application process for individual applicants.”

At the same time the organisation is to stop accepting cheques and postal orders as accepted forms of payment with all payment having to be made through debit or credit cards.

More information on the removal of the postal application service can be found here.

Source: Construction News / Caroline Wadham

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